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We at the Veteran’s Business Coalition (VBC) are humbly soliciting financial support from the people of this great nation.


The management team of the VBC firmly believes that our funding mission will be best served by using the financial system to magnify our efforts. We have found direct negotiations with certain key players in our financial system can yield immense economic results in favor of veterans. We have taken much time to find out what motivates and drives the key actors in our economic theater.


When funds are donated to the VBC we will always focus on the traditional areas of veterans needs like food, housing, clothes, education, job placement, ect. However the VBC will focus heavily on supporting activities that will illustrate to members of the financial community the value and rewards in supporting veterans economic initiatives.

It is our hope and conviction these working examples of success will stimulate chain reactions through out the financial system that will inevitably benefit veterans in ways traditional non-for profit fund raising techniques could never achieve.


We at the VBC will seek to use leverage; in such a way to magnify the positive impact on veterans. Our fundamental approach will be to  use our financial resources to stimulate chain reactions in the financial community that can power various VBC initiatives. These financial chain reactions can enable us to provide benefits to veterans  on a much larger scale.


We feel this approach would be much more effective in helping veterans, due in part by our ability to collect donations as a traditional non-for profit will always be limited. This is a typical struggle non profits of all kinds most times face. The VBC will not be immune to those struggles.


However our ability as veterans to influence and employ leverage in many areas of the financial system is all but limitless. When we took inventory of the assets controlled by members in the financial community we found those assets stretch as far as the eye can see. If we at the VBC could somehow tap into those financial assets it would yield immense benefits to the veteran community in ways we could never begin to imagine.


We at the VBC will look to deploy the resources that are entrusted to us in a surgical fashion aimed at triggering domino effects all throughout the financial system. These domino effects will lead to funding and liquidity events that ultimately benefit veterans on many levels. We at the VBC strongly feel these surgical methods will yield far greater results than just traditional fund raising efforts alone.


If we at the VBC are able to get properly funded the benefits made available will be very broad in nature reaching veterans at all levels. VBC benefit initiatives can be as simple as aiding veterans in acquiring adequate food and shelter.   At the same time our organization could be running other initiatives establishing ways for other veterans who wish to follow in the footsteps of people like Mark Zukerburg and Bill Gates to  be able to do so as well. We at the VBC feel no benefit is too big, or too small, or out of reach for the members of our armed forces.


The management team of the VBC has researched this process of raising funds through influence and chain reactions at every level. We have consulted with some of the most advanced legal and financial minds in the field. We have carefully examined all the applicable regulations, as well as contacted the appropriate governing bodies seeking confirmation of concept and we have interviewed many key players in the financial system. During our research we have found nothing whatsoever that would lead us to doubt the validity or success of our newly formulated fund raising methods.


We at the VBC would like to say to the American people if you give to our cause we will make sure your donations truly make a difference in the lives of our country’s warriors, the beloved veterans.


Thank You


VBC Management

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