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As part of the VBC mission of providing benefits to veterans we have partnered with Vantage Advisors in providing a set of business support services that will be made available free of charge to veterans in good standing along with any of their affiliates.  The services listed below have been carefully selected by VBC management in order to provide critical support in very important areas to veterans throughout various stages of their business development. We at the VBC are fully committed to  better enabling Veteran affiliated businesses to grow and prosper on all levels.  

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Legally Form your Business

We will oversee the formation of  Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships,  or other applicable business entities so that veterans wishing to go into some sort of business activity can begin to operate lawfully in commerce.

Please keep in mind while the services the VBC along with their partners comes at no charge to veterans in good standing there will be state registration fees that will be due to applicable states at the time any documents are filed.

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Analyzing Graphs


Raise Money for your Business

For those veterans and affiliates who wish to seek corporate funding for their business operations they can take advantage the VBC Financing Assessment Service  FAS.

The FAS involves a detailed study and evaluation of a particular business with respect to available funding opportunities and sources. Once the studies are completed the VBC staff will provide a set of applicable funding options for the particular business enterprise along with detailed steps required in order to pursue any of the funding options outlined.

As part of the FAS the VBC staff will also provide a list of applicable vendors and resources that need to be utilized  in order to properly undertake any of the various funding options discussed.    In short the FAS will provide a detailed, compliant, and concise road map that can guide veteran affiliated businesses to suitable funding support. 

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Get Professional Consultation

For those veteran owned and affiliated businesses that are further developed and prepared to entertain buy outs, acquisitions, large liquidity infusions, and other related capital transactions the VBC has an elite set of professional partners that can provide guidance, advice, and consultations to management when making certain strategic decisions. During the M&A Consulting process a team of capable professionals from various applicable disciplines will be consulted on certain topics an allowed to provide their input to company management.  

In simple terms the VBC M&A Consultation process is means of veteran owned and affiliated businesses to obtain high level strategic decision making support at critical stages of their business growth and development.

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