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about the vbc


  We are veterans embracing 

alternative approaches to          supporting America's 

Financial Industry while

promoting the economic 

empowerment of Veterans,     their families, and the    businesses they own.

          The Veterans Business Coalition or VBC is a Florida non for profit corporation primarily headed up by veterans from various branches of the the US armed forces. The VBC management team is completely made up by veterans from backgrounds that include but are not limited to finance, legal, insurance, managerial sciences, real estate, and computer information technologies.  These veteran visionaries are coordinating the VBC organizational components in such a way to operate with military precision. They are all committed on maintaining a laser beam focus on positively impacting the economic condition of our nations veterans and their families. The VBC is structured much like the military hierarchy itself, it operates under procedures that closely mirror those of a forward unit in a mission critical situation.  When attempting to come to the aid of veterans in need the VBC will function at a level of speed and intensity that is second only to that of a combat field hospital desperately trying to mend bodies and save lives. The problems that plague our veterans are many and complex in nature. For this reason, the VBC management team is taking an “outside of the box” approach to the tackling the issue of securing capital for Veteran Businesses and initiatives.

The core group of veteran visionaries who were instrumental in the formation of the VBC conducted extensive research in the financial and economic fields, they carefully studied the regulatory landscapes, and consulted with some of the most capable and highly intellectual financial minds in the field.

Based on their extensive research these visionaries have been able to design a new non for profit bureaucratic ecosystem that is based on the utilization of the existing capitalistic system as we know it. Moreover it is designed to effectively address the economic needs of our nations veterans on many levels.  This new bureaucratic machine will also able to exercise certain powers in order to

enforce current financial legislation

          We at the VBC will readily welcome the opportunity join forces, brainstorm, collaborate, or interact with other like minded organizations and or individuals who also have our nation’s veterans at heart.

The VBC mission is to work within the financial system.  More specifically work with the existing elements and players to formulate initiatives that will be highly effective in assisting companies and or communities  that are somehow assisting veterans. The VBC and their compliance and oversight affiliate Vantage Advisors will look to accomplish the stated mission while at the same time handsomely rewarding members of the financial community that support and cooperate with VBC initiatives. The VBC along with Vantage Advisors will reward cooperating financial professionals in the form of continuous patronage deriving from a New Business Ecosystem or NBE. The NBE will be the platform from which the VBC will primarily look to accomplish their stated mission, that being economic advancement and social support for veterans, their families, and the communities where they reside.

          Any VBC identified company or similar entity looking to expand operations, merge operations, buy a new operation, annex territory, fund public works projects, or finance a start-up business operation will potentially be eligible for VBC organizational support through the implementation of the New Business Ecosystem. Positive interaction and influence exertion will be at the center of the VBC efforts in effectuate change for veterans while rewarding cooperative financial professionals for their support. 

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