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Re-Education Seminars

Compliance ASSESSMENts

After properly assessing and reviewing the operations of various financial professionals and their organizations, the VBC will from time to time have these financial professionals attend re-education seminars. There are three modules listed below that may be assigned depending on the field assessment conducted by the VBC. These re-education seminars will insure that these financial professionals are aware how they can substantially increase their production, form policies and operations that are in full compliance with the spirit of the Jobs Act, the spirit of Regulation Best Interest, along with other applicable rules and regulations.


Regulation BI Compliance

On June 30, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) went into effect for broker-dealers, registered investment advisers, and dual registrants to enhance the transparency and quality of investors’ relationships. Our Regulation BI Compliance seminar is made up of three modules at two hours each. There is  an open book exam administered upon completion of the third module. This Reg BI educational seminar is designed to help  financial professionals  understand the true nature and spirit of these new rules and to further their understanding about their obligations when dealing with clients and prospects. This Reg BI Compliance seminar will also introduce methods and technologies that can greatly reduce the regulatory burdens and cost to their firms as well.


Jobst Act Compliance

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act, is a set of regulatory changes intended to encourage funding of small businesses in the United States by easing many of the country's securities regulations. The VBC Jobs Act Compliance and Education Seminar is made up of three modules at two hour each. There is an open book exam that is administered after completion of the third module. The Jobs Act Education Seminar is designed to help professionals understand the inter workings of the various institutions they work for and how it all runs the economy. This seminar will also illustrate to financial professionals various sales opportunities and operational intersections that exist within the economy. Moreover, the seminar outlines in detail compliant methodologies that can be employed to greatly increase sales production with very little effort.


Policy & Procedure Guidance

The VBC Policy & Procedure Guidance (P&PG) seminar is designed for financial professionals that primarily play managerial roles at their firms. This seminar is broken up into four modules at two hours each.  In order to give professional managers a comprehensive perspective the P&PG seminar touches on information contained in the Reg BI and Jobs Act seminars from both a managerial and direct sales perspective.  In this seminar financial professionals will be introduced to various policies and compliant procedures that can be implemented in such a way to positively motivate their sales forces and drive positive corporate cultures. The PP&G seminar will illustrate methodologies that can enable sales managers to better maximize the efforts of their down lines while substantially reducing regulatory risk to the firm.

Based on our extensive research in the economic and financial fields we at the VBC have come to some realizations that we must accept. By adhering to our mission statement we will truly work within the Financial system to promote positive change.

          We at the VBC think, in order for a capitalistic nation like the United States to remain in a leadership position on the world stage; it must have a certain portion of its citizens willing to defend against events, circumstances, and threats that can adversely affect the country and thereby negatively affect its citizen’s way of life. If no one among us is willing to fight and perhaps die so that we can remain safe and maintain our way of life this great nation will cease to be great. We at the VBC realize and accept the fact that there are babies that have not been born that will have to fight and die in wars protecting the economic interests of companies that have not been formed yet. With the assistance of the VBC,  veterans will become more literate about the financial system, formulate a plan for economic change based on our new knowledge of the system, and then execute our plans for the benefit of the veteran, indigenous and underprivileged persons, with military precision.


          We realize it is our responsibility to learn financial laws and enforce them for the benefit of the American people; specifically the Veteran Owned, Disadvantaged, and Native Owned businesses. Throughout history, the United States have only fought battles in foreign lands. The vast majority of members of our society do not have any overseas interest worth fighting over. Yet, investment banks aligned with the many corporations they support do have assets and interests located overseas that are well worth fighting over. The corporate need for armed protection of international assets and interests has been all but continuous, so the repayment of the debt to veterans who provide this protection should be never ending as well. The financial services industry is in desperate need of a positive event. This industry is not favored by the public and is looked at with much contempt.  So, it is now time find to find allies an partners much like the VBC and its affiliates. These allegiances must be made in order to  help members of the financial services industry survive and even thrive in such a hostile and competitive work environment.  


In Person

Schedule an in-office visit by a representative of the Veteran's Business Coalition to begin assessing your operations,


Our representatives and Executive Liaisons are readily available to host online webinars for your professional assessment.

Over the Phone

Due to the increased usage of webinar software such as Zoom, we have made our Assessments available viawebinars. 


By Email

For those professionals and/or Institutions who are seeking more information, please email us in order to proceed.

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