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Reviewing the Laws



Collectively, the JOBS Act & Regulation BI provide a set of guidance and obligations required by financial professionals who operate within the regulatory framework. Our reach of veterans throughout the various branches of government, financial institutions, International Organizations, and NGO's position us to effect positive changes throughout the financial industry for the benefit of America's Veterans, their affiliates, their underserved communities, and financial professionals in the marketplace as well.

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The members of the VBC are reaching out to members of the financial community with the hopes they favorably respond to our organization.


Although the VBC has conducted extensive research and made much preparation to be able to (in a compliant manner) apply extreme pressure and aggressively enforce the rules that are made by their Governance Board. The VBC however is not just focused on applying pressure and enforcing rules. Instead, the VBC's main goal is to help veterans and their affiliates while at the same time greatly rewarding members of the financial professional community who would like to find ways to improve their financial and regulatory performance.

Every month we read the disciplinary reports from FINRA and the SEC. We have found some firms with as many as 50-100 or more regulatory infractions on their record. So, it is clear there is much help needed in many areas of the financial community.  It is also clear when we look around every day in our local communities there is much help needed in veteran's community as well. So  with that in mind the VBC along with their partners and affiliates have researched and formulated methodologies that can greatly increase sales for financial professionals, ease the regulatory burdens they carry, while at the same time have a huge economic impact on our nation's veterans.

However readers must know that the VBC will need some minimal participation from members of the financial community in order to realize any meaningful economic potential.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge financial professionals do not listen very well, nor do they readily take instruction or suggestions. So for these reasons the VBC has to have the capability to apply  pressure and enforce rules that will further the agendas of increased financial production, less regulatory problems, and continuous veteran benefits. 


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